My Stuff @IDSECCONF-2015 & CODEBALI-2015

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White Paper
IDSECCONF 2015 Presentation
CODEBALI 2015 Presentation
Demo 1. Flashing
Demo 2. Trapcookies
Demo 3. Sslstrip 


Smart Controll MR3020 Wps Led via Android App

Filename: kankun_at_mr3020.bin
Size:  2884 KB
Description: Controlling mr3020 WPS led via android app.
Distribution : freeware
Md5checksum: cf31caded64044138fea25af0ff16db7

 Download link: click here 


  • router ip address is :
  • ssh password: kankunhack
  • Android App can be downloaded at http://kk.huafeng.com:8081/android/Smartwifi.apk 
  • This firmware has no Luci, so if u want to revert to prefer f/w u should flash thru ssh access.


My Stuff @Seminar Riset Nasional Id-SIRTII/CC vol. V

Photo by @smrx86
[generally this things is RE-TALK about wispi]



Wispi for Various Type TP-link Router


 WisPi ver. 1.1, openwrt f/w for various type tp-link router. This firmware have karma, spoofhost and wifi jammer capability.

Distribution : freeware

 Download link:
TP-link MR3020 click here
TP-link MR3040 Ver. 1 click here
TP-link MR3040 Ver. 2 click here
TP-link MR3220 Ver. 1 click here
TP-link MR3220 Ver. 2 click here
TP-link MR3420 Ver. 1 click here
TP-link MR3420 Ver. 2 click here
TP-link WR703N click here


  • Version 1.1 (25/3/2015)
    • Build for various kind router, such as: TP-link WR703N,TP-link MR3040V1, TP-link MR3040v2, TP-link MR3220V1, TP-link MR3220V2, TP-link MR3240V1, TP-link MR3240V2.
  • Version 1.1 (2/12/2014)
    • Adding ugrade page; make easy to change, revert or update the router f/w.
    • Adding phising page to improve spoofthost capability.
    • Bug fix in Karma trigger.
    • Adding encoder/decoder page; simple script to encode/decode html, base64 and hex string.
    • Autossh for automate login system.
    • Admin page :, username: root password: idsecconf2014
  • ver1.0 (2/11/2014)
    • First Wispi version released @idsecconf2014.

Further Reading


pict 1. Index adm page
pict 2. Upgrade adm page
pict 3. Endec adm  page
pict 4. Phising adm page


Instacampro on GL-inet (attitude adjustment 12.09)

Filename: instacampro-AA-gl-inet-v1-squashfs factory.bin
Size:   15.8 MB (16,515,072 Bytes).
Description: This firmware is a porting from my previous instacampro builds. It have many package install on it like mjpeg-streamer, modswitch for 3g modem support, DDNS and Extroot packages. The main idea is origanally comes from minikrebs project.
Distribution : freeware.
Md5checksum: 6d1470d3e75c57d442b148628c35421a
Download link: click here

Main issue:  

  • Your webcam must be support V4L and UVC category.
  • only ext4 partition can use to be an exroot.
  • enjoy  ^^
pict1. terminal

luci frontend
pict2. Luci frontend

they are may space left
pict3. They are more space left.

related source:
- http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/obtain.firmware.generate
- http://shackspace.de/wiki/doku.php?id=project:minikrebs

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